Napoleon launched in 2018 as a spare bedroom ‘side-hustle’ by Founder Em Lucin & her dog, also known as the ‘Fur-Ceo’, Mr Napoleon.

The brand started as a Swimwear Label as Em struggled to find bikinis that were high endurance, bold, vibrant & sporty in style. Growing up a swimmer, she felt most comfortable in athletic shaped swimsuits but wanted to add some personality to the market so she could feel ‘sporty & fashionable’ at the same time.

In 2020, the worldwide pandemic lead to a very long, cold, lockdown in Melbourne, Australia. No one needed swimwear because no one could travel. The brand had to flip directions hard & fast if it was going to survive which lead to the introduction of Streetwear & Loungewear.

Our unique designs are anything but basic which catches the attention of thousands, even millions of TikTokers every single day. (If you want views, unbox or pop on a Napoleon! It seems to work for us!!)

Em launched her TikTok channel as a goal to educate others on the challenges of launching your own business with no university education, no money & on the side of working full time. She films packing orders, real behind the scenes footage of her home office & shares helpful business tips. The support received from her audience helped Napoleon grow exponentially in 2021, to where it became a full time hustle!

That brings us to Napoleon Wear. The re-brand. It’s an absolute vibe & dream come true.

The brand’s goal right now is to one, inspire & educate, and two, help our Napoleon Fam to wear their personality.

Be Bold. Be Unique. Be You.

Why blend in when you were born to stand out?



Thank you for the love & support.

We are so grateful that an actual ‘happy dance’ happens behind the scenes while packing every single order.